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Job Description
Job Description

Vacant position features

We are looking for an experiencedcandidate for the role of Academic Counselor in our organization. The selected candidatewill be crucial in assisting students in achieving their academicgoals and addressing any challenges they may face.


Possessed functions of the right candidate

  • Empathy and the ability to buildrapport with students.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Patience and a non-judgmentalapproach.
  • Flexibility to adapt to theunique needs of each student.
  • Cultural competence to work effectively with adiverse student body

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    Eligibility Criteria
    Eligibility Criteria

    Benchmark for selection

    • 2 years ofexperience in academic counselling
    • Stronginterpersonal and communication skills.
    • Knowledge ofacademic advising principles and best practices.
    • Ability to workeffectively with a diverse student population.
    • Familiaritywith educational software and tools for tracking student progress.
    • Adherence toethical standards and confidentiality in handling student information
    • Counselling certification or licensure (ifrequired by the institution 


      Competence necessary for flowing our vacancy

      • AcademicAdvising: Provide personalized academic counseling to students, helping themselect appropriate job, set academic goals, and create plans.
      • Study Skillsand Time Management: Offer guidance on effective study techniques, timemanagement strategies, and organizational skills to improve students' academicperformance.
      • CourseScheduling: Assist students in creating class schedules that align with theiracademic requirements and career aspirations.
      • CareerCounseling: Provide information and resources regarding career options, , co-opprograms, and job opportunities, helping students make informed careerdecisions.
      • PersonalSupport: Offer emotional and academic support to students facing personalchallenges that may affect their academic success.
      • MonitoringProgress: Regularly track and evaluate students' academic progress, identifyingareas of improvement and implementing intervention plans when necessary.
      • ResourceReferrals: Connect students with campus resources
      • Record Keeping:Maintain accurate records of advising sessions, student progress, and otherrelevant information, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with dataprotection regulations.
      • Orientation andWorkshops: Organize and conduct orientation programs and workshops to helpstudents transition into their educational institution and develop essentialacademic skills.
      • Stay Informed:Stay up-to-date on academic policies, curriculum, and job trends to provideaccurate information to students.

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