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Integrated Video Production & Advertising Agency in India

Whether you choose to address your global clients or a local market, by including the latest multimedia solutions and video services from Lilac Infotech, you can communicate with your target audience in the most creative and compassionate way.Get access to world-class and professional 2D&3D animations by choosing us as your creative design service partner at highly affordable prices to create engaging and memorable videos and animations for your business.

Impress your audience by awesome Animations

  • 2D Animation Services
  • 3D Animation Services
  • 2D Modelling
  • 3D Modelling
  • Character Design
  • Slide and SVG Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Product Simulation

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2D and 3D Animation Services in Kochi

Various types of Animation Services we offer

Our skilled animators are experienced enough to understand your exact needs and convey the desired message in the tone, style, and with your project nature demands. The outputs developed by us show the appropriate blend of art, design, sound, and a lot more to instantly capture the attention of viewers and make them convinced. Our various services include:

2D Animation Services development company in Kerala

2D Animation Services

The 2D Animation team at Lilac rejuvenate any inanimate characters in your 2D dimension through vibrant character designs and lovable environments. We craft your creative idea into a 2D animation with the help of our creative animation team.

3D Animation Services development company in Kerala

3D Animation Services

At Lilac, you will get the best mix of innovation and resources to create world-class designs with the assistance of the best 3D animation software tools. Connect with us and we will solve your 3D movement necessities to get the necessary outputs.

2D Modelling development company in Kerala

2D Modelling

We help you make 2D models based on your concepts and also help you with all aspects of developing designs. Our projects are carried out to deliver high-quality designs to all our customers.

3D Modelling development company in Kerala

3D Modelling

Lilac is accustomed to taking care of different customer prerequisites and we are also skilled at the utilization of modern 3D rendering software to make 3D models that would serve the unique needs of each project however complex it might be.

Character Design development company in Kerala

Character Design

Flawlessly designed character animation is what makes any animated content fascinating. Our animators use industry best tools such as bringing to life elegantly illustrated characters.

Slide and SVG Animation development company in Kerala

Slide and SVG Animation

Lilac provides you with the best Slide and SVG Animations that are attractively designed that they beautifully explain your business idea or concept in a very simple and engaging way. These animations carry precise information.

Motion Graphics company in Kerala

Motion Graphics

Our motion graphics designing team not only focuses on impressing people but also concentrates on fascinating audiences more profoundly with a narrative. Our animation team lets the story command the graphics and not the other way round.

Product Simulation company in Kerala

Product Simulation

With the Product Simulation model animation that Lilac provides, the organizations are enabled to build prototypes in the light of the details and segments which can be utilized as a part of the organization’s assembling procedure.

2d & 3D Animation Company in India

Why Choose Best Video and Animation from Indian Animation Agency

We possess a wide range of expertise in offering various services to best serve our clients, whatever is it that you’re looking for.

2D & 3D Design Company in India

Highly Creative

The videos & animations that we offer are fresh, innovative, creative, and minimalist. A splash of surprise animation and interactive products are developed to show off to potential clients as well as competitors.

WordPress Development Company in Calicut

Scientific Design Practices

After we have examined and concentrated all the videos & animations components that are required by the customer, we make an exact time-bound task plan. This will guarantee that your site will be prepared instantly.

2D & 3D Development Company in Calicut

Established Industry Experience

With each step forward, we are grasping more on working better with your business goals. With generous experience as a leading videos & animations production organization. we have picked up the colossal trust of our clientele.

2D and 3D Company in Calicut

Affordable Package

In this era, everyone wants affordable videos & animations, and we at Lilac work on it. We provide world-class videos & animations services at an affordable rate.

2D & 3D Design Company in Calicut

Dedicated Design Managers

We review everything that goes live. We keep an ideal check on the working of the videos & animations services. Our dedicated design managers are constantly staged and convenient quality control – we fix issues as they occur.

Laravel Development Company in Calicut

On-time Release

We deliver the highest level of customer service by deploying innovative and collaborative videos & animations services with what others promise with on-time and affordable range.

What can we build for you?

Customized web solutions for multiplying your vision into profits. Let’s discuss your idea with us and make it happen for your business growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the main types of animations that Lilac provides?

Lilac offers 2D Animation services, 3D Animation services, 2D Modelling, 3D Modelling, Character design, Slide and SVG Animation, Motion Graphics, Product Simulation services.

We intimate the customer about the step-to-step development process.

A 2D object has only two dimensions i.e. height and width and exists on a 2D platform like a paper sheet. Whereas a 3D object has a facade, casts a shadow, and can be measured by the length, width, and depth.

Animated videos have been one of the most important resources for the marketing campaigns. Their power lies in the fact that they can tell the storey of your product in just a few seconds, and in a fun and entertaining way!

The cost of a 2D-3D animation depends upon the services the client requires and also the brief provided by the client.

The time you take for completing a project is based upon the requirements the client has for his project.

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