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Why Choose Edutik As your e-Learning Mobile App

In order to meet the demand of today's education, e-learning is considered most suitable because of the advanced features it resembles and the real-time experience it offers. An educational mobile app can never be outdated now; but at the same time, it must be built with the latest features assembled in it. Lilac has extensive experience in creating e-learning solutions that align with organizational and business goals. We helped many corporations in the past to reach audiences through effective learning solutions.

Industry-Specific Solution

Industry-Specific Solution

Developed specifically for people like you in the education and learning industry, our Education and e-Learning application makes implementation and maintenance more affordable.

Powerful Technology

Powerful Technology

Our online education mobile application is designed to handle thousands of concurrent users accessing terabytes of data along with high availability and instant response time.

Transparency Is Guaranteed

Transparency Is Guaranteed

Generation of your daily & weekly reports with all the details of the project & make suggestions if required by our online education software. Each and every step will be explained to you in detail to ensure none of the desired features are left out.

Quality Testing

Quality Testing

Our team offers quality testing services and solutions that assure robust quality and optimum delivery of the implemented features of the product. Our expertise in high testing standards ensures test effectiveness in the Education and e-Learning software.

24*7 Access Without Boundaries

24*7 Access Without Boundaries

Our online education application is greatly secure cloud storage for your files. So that you can log in from anywhere, anytime without any turbulence. All information is automatically updated and advice from experts 24*7.

Tailor-Made Education & e-Learning Software

Unlock interactive learning experiences with the most affordable e-Learning Software.

Lilac Edutik Video

Customizable e-Learning Software With Laravel Support

With e-Learning becoming more and more popular, you can leverage our online education application to build a learning community and start building revenue with your existing or new learning content by personalized app theme & color easy access to enable and disable any feature as per your preference in our tailor-made online education app.

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Lilac Infotech went above and beyond the requirements of Learning Radius in developing remarkably robust and vibrant Competitive academic app. In handling setbacks, the team acted promptly and their excellent project management and utmost sincerity lifted the project in to new heights. They met our academic need top to bottom.

Prof. K.P Ashif

Founder, Learning Radius

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Personalized e-Learning Software Solution

+91 83601 39952
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Lilac Edutik?

Edutik is a new, well-established e-learning framework for a smartphone device that customizes learning based on the speed and style of each student in the simplest way possible.

Edutik comes with iOS and Android versions which work on Cloud.

Some of the key features of Edutik are video & notes lessons, test and evaluation reports, live classes, etc.

Edutik is developed for Android as well as iOS platforms.

When we travel rapidly into the digitization period, everybody is searching for an online alternative. The Edutech market is rising with immense potential and the pandemic has only intensified the need for an e-learning portal.

Edutik is one of the most user-friendly platforms that any child can have to learn. It comes with simple steps for every need, be it a live class, a vide class, notes. We also provide a Parent app for the parents to supervise the daily tasks of the child and his improvement.

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