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With our AI integrated ERP solution, you can mix and match modules and features to suit your specific needs and resources. You can enjoy the benefits of your own industry-specific ERP software - with order entry for an unlimited number of products, features, and customers.

ERP Solutions Company in Kozhikode

What is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), is a modular software system designed to integrate the main functional areas of an organization's business processes into a unified system. The central feature of all ERP systems is a shared database that supports multiple functions used by different business units. In practice, this means that employees in different divisions—for example, accounting and sales—can rely on the same information for their specific needs by collecting an organization’s shared transactional data from multiple sources; ERP systems eliminate data duplication and provide data integrity with a single trustable source.

Are You Looking for a Dedicated & Pocket Friendly ERP Software?

We are committed to helping your businesses to achieve your goals in a cost-effectively manner through our easy-to-use and insightful solutions. Our software is an end-to-end cloud retail management system for financials & accounting, inventory & order management, CRM & marketing, point-of-sale and e-commerce and One singular instance of data across your entire fashion enterprises.

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Pocket Friendly ERP Software in Calicut

Why Partner With Us for Your Business Growth

GST Compliant ERP in Kerala

GST Compliant

We send GST compliant invoices, generate financial reports, do tax calculations, and help you file your GST returns without any hassle.

Easy Implementation

Easy Implementation

Download Our ERP and start billing in minutes or fill the below form, and start managing your inventory accounts immediately. Our numerous tutorial videos, updated manual and a team of industry experts are read to make your implementation success.



Allows you to collaborate with your vendors and suppliers so that you can effortlessly send orders and get invoices without additional payments.

Business Booster in Calicut

Business Booster

Our ERP can reward your business in endless ways and gives your business an advantage to stay on top; above the competition in the market. Improve the performance of your business by taking the maximum benefits out of our software.

Industry-Specific Solution Company in Calicut

Industry-Specific Solution

Cloud-based Industry-Specific ERP solutions for discovering more opportunities to grow your business with an affordable rate and less maintenance effort.

Powerful Technology

Powerful Technology

Designed to handle thousands of concurrent users accessing terabytes of data along with high availability and instant response time.

Real-Time Core Data Access Company in Calicut

Real-Time Core Data Access

As a fully-integrated system, all software modules utilize the same database, so your information in the ERP, PLM, B2B/B2C E-commerce, WMS, and CRM is always displayed in real-time.

Retain Your Investment Company in Calicut

Retain Your Investment

Configured to run in any environment – with the ability to add functions as your company expands. This ensures the system grows with you, helping you retain your initial investment.

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance

Tame your accounting and finances with accurate and quick financial data at hand with our ERP software. Get a comprehensive view of ROI, expenses, etc. on the run.

24*7 Access Software Company in Calicut

24*7 Access without boundaries

On the cloud, so that you can log in from anywhere, anytime without any turbulence all information is automatically updated and advice from experts 24*7.

Enterprise Mobility Support in Kozhikode

Enterprise Mobility Support

Automate and control all the vendors, workflow and procedures from anywhere anytime with any device.

AI Integrated HRM Company in Calicut

AI Integrated HRM

You can attain personalized employee analytics by incorporating AI integrated HRM to effectively combines people, process and technology intelligently.

Power Your Business With the Smartest Way!

You can sharpen the future of your business by accurately tame the operation strategies in your organization. Easily manage your customers, vendors, partners, suppliers and much more along with your finances, supply chain, inventory, manufacturing, etc. on the run with one of the esteemed ERP companies in India. Our ERP Solution blends the power of cloud and mobile to drive operational efficiency for a business irrespective of the size and nature of operations.

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Business Software Company in Kozhikode
Chippy Dominic

We are the next generation business information provider with whom you grow your business by powerful modular design covering all essential aspects of a business. Our fully Integrated ERP solution accelerates your business performance and free up the time and resources needed to streamline growth, drive innovation and remain competitive.

Chippy Dominic

Sr. Software Engineer [ERP Consultant]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) refers to the type of programme used by companies to handle day-to-day corporate processes such as accounting, acquisition, project management, risk management and security, and supply chain operations.

Some of the features of ERP are integration, automation, data analysis, reporting, tracking and visibility, accounting, financial management, sales and marketing, CRM, supply chain management, manufacturing.

The benefits of ERP are many like better customer satisfaction, better cash flow, better data & cloud security, cost-saving.

The flexible design of ERP applications enables businesses around sectors to incorporate solutions depending on their business needs. The versatile nature of ERP software allows companies across all industries to implement solutions based on their business needs.

In cloud-based we store the data in an external or third party cloud based storage, whereas in on-premise we have to build the infrastructure to save the data.

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