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Lilac FoodmineNEW

Transmute the multi-vendor food delivery solution with mobile applications.

  • Laravel powered content management system
  • Ultimate Territory administration
  • Google places and Map integrated
  • Real time tracking & analytics
  • Multi vendor, Domain and Territory support

Lilac Food delivery Application in India
Lilac Cabture

Lilac CabtureNEW

Bring in a software revolution in the taxi booking industry at a nominal cost.

  • Laravel powered content management system
  • Multi Territory support
  • Google places and Map integrated
  • SOS and verification alerts
  • 100% ROI and SaaS enabled

Lilac CargoProNEW

Our Cargo management software is crucial for optimizing and streamlining operations in a cargo business.

  • Laravel powered content management system
  • Multi Territory support
  • Google places and Map integrated
  • SOS and verification alerts

Best Cargo Management Software
Best Education Mobile Application in India

Lilac EdutikNEW

Transforming education with hands-on and technology based learning solutions.

  • Laravel Powered Edutech Application
  • Online Assessment and Advanced Analytics
  • Live And Recorded Lecture handling
  • Subjective Notes and evaluation
  • Ranking And Competition Analytics
  • World class Administration

Lilac PortistNEW

Ultimate Digital publishing solutions for content creators.

  • Laravel Powered Content Platform
  • Dynamic alignment and Advanced Analytics
  • Search Engine optimized Content Placing
  • Opengraph Friendly CMS
  • 10+ Advanced Layouts
  • World class Administration

Lilac Portist
Best Fashion Industry CRM in India

Lilac Leaf

Make your business more feasible with our ERP Integrated fashion industry software tailored for your enterprises.

  • Software from the Experts
  • Industry-Specific Solution
  • 24*7 Access without Boundaries
  • High Security Enabled

Lilac Follow Up

Enhance your everlasting relationship with your customers with our highly customizable Jewelry CRM software.

  • Flexible Sales and Marketing Force Automation
  • 24*7 Help Desk from Industry Expertise
  • Access from Anywhere, Anytime
  • Uttermost Lead Generation Techniques

Best CRM For Salesforce Application

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