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Your customers deserve a better experience. Create customers for life with our first-class intelligent CRM software which will streamline your day to day business activities with extraordinary features specially designed for customers and sales, marketing and service automation.

Industry-Specific Solution

Industry-Specific Solution

Developed specifically for people like you in the jewelry industry, Lilac Follow Up makes implementation and maintenance more affordable.

SalesForce Automation

SalesForce Automation

Designed to handle Contacts, Leads and Accounts, Integration of web page for lead generation and Forecasting of sales constraints with accurate Reports.

Stronger Collaboration Across Teams

Stronger Collaboration Across Teams

Help your people collaborate like never before with the Lilac CRM system. Avoid data duplication and empower your marketing and salespeople to work in a much smarter and faster way.

Define Your Own Reports

Define Your Own Reports

Lilac Follow Up provides the flexibility to configure reports based on the type and needs of your business. The presence of powerful custom reports feature enabled to take reports from any angle of your business or process model.

24*7 Access Without Boundaries

24*7 Access Without Boundaries

Secure cloud storage for your files. So that you can log in from anywhere, anytime without any turbulence. All information is automatically updated and advice from experts 24*7.

Realistic CRM Solution Crafted for Your Business

Streamline your operations with the most affordable CRM.

Lilac Follow Up Video

Next-Gen CRM With Laravel Support

With Lilac Follow Up, your salespeople can work from their smartphones or mobile devices irrespective of where they are located geographically. This makes sure that they receive and get access to instant, up-to-date and real-time insights pertaining to customer data even when on the run. Deliver exceptional customer support by intelligent custom made CRM need many from experts.

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Follow Up Bundle

Your sales force CRM needs much more traits for better performance.

Follow Up Agent

Make your sales agent more productive and utilize their time with the Follow Up agent app. You can track the lead location, size, interest rate and other related constraints at your fingertips.

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Google Play
Follow Up Officer

Especially aimed for your salespeople. We know that your people will love it. Notably embedded lead to business conversion tactics and Follow Up strategies.

Available on
Google Play
Follow Up Order

Manage your vendors in a tactical way with our new featured Follow Up Order app. Make stronger collaboration among vendors for more profitability.

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Google Play

It is a great software for keeping accurate notes and communication regarding clients. I have personally been tracking 100's of clients since 2018 inside this system. The biggest pro with Lilac Follow Up is that there are a million ways to customize the software.

Adhil Safvan A

Managing Director, As Associates

Lilac Follow Up is a low cost, low risk and quick to deploy CRM solution. Great benefits of having this CRM and it allows us to know our business and customers more and hence grow our revenue.


Founder Director, Rentowave

Know Your Customer with Lilac Follow Up

Next gen CRM software for your business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

CRM software (customer relationship management software) allows the company to provide your clients with a special and smooth experience, as well as to create deeper relationships by offering a full image of all customer experiences, monitoring your sales, arranging and prioritizing your opportunities, and promoting communication between different departments.

CRM can be used by any business that has a sales, a marketing or a billing team.

Lilac Followup is a web based software, but we also provide mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms.

The key features of Follow up are that it helps in managing the support desk, it has intelligent reporting, the lead generation is managed pretty well, it helps in automating the salesforce, it is accessible 24*7.

The main benefits of Lilac Follow up is that it automates all the processes and saves a lot of time and effort. It also helps you manage the clients without missing out on any.

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