All-in-one Solution for your Taxi Service

Fully customized application for taxi booking.

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Why choose CABTURE for your taxi Booking Service?

In today's fast-moving world booking a taxi for a journey is a very complicated task; this has risen as a business possibility for the people who are interested to invest in this kind of industry. Our taxi booking Application helps your customer to view the available cabs which are nearby. The trip fare is displayed so that you can choose your mode of travel accordingly. Also, customers can view the route map. Besides we have an application for your customers, drivers, and the admin.

Quick Booking

Quick Booking

Our taxi booking app saves your time on booking your trip. We provide you the simplest platform to book your ride, choose your location enter your destination and book your ride, it’s as simple as that.

Live Tracking App

Live Tracking

Real-time tracking is a blessing for both: the passengers as well as the drivers. You will know exactly the time you are going to take to reach a destination; also you can see the route with the help of the route provided in our taxi booking app.

Easy Communication

Easy Communication

Customer to driver as well as driver to customer communication is made simple. With our taxi booking application, we have made provisions to chat as well as call the driver or the customer in the simplest form.

App Quality Testing

Industry-Specific Solution

Developed specifically to meet the needs of the taxi booking industry, our Taxi Booking application makes implementation and maintenance more affordable.

24*7 Limitless Access

24*7 Limitless Access

Our taxi booking application is highly secure cloud storage for your files. You can log in from anywhere, anytime without any turbulence. All your information is automatically updated and you get advice from experts 24*7.

Tailor-Made Taxi-Booking Software

Experience the joy of booking a taxi in the simplest form.

Lilac Cabture Video

Customizable Taxi Booking Software with Laravel Support

The taxi booking industry is on a daily updation process. Our Taxi booking app saves your time as well as cost by providing you a user-friendly experience. You can get a fully customized application that meets your requirements aptly. CABTURE covers two major interfaces the user one as well as the driver one.

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Adhil Safvan

It is a great software for keeping accurate notes and communication regarding clients. I have personally been tracking 100's of clients since 2018 inside this system. The biggest pro with Lilac Follow Up is that there are a million ways to customize the software.

Adhil Safvan A

Managing Director, As Associates

Personalized solution for taxi-booking

Utilize the ability to book a taxi easily with CABTURE.

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