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Somitha Soman3 months ago

How To Promote Your Business During Pandemic

In this pandemic, when most of the companies and businesses suffered huge losses, some essential services hit the bull's eye. Some essential service businesses can never go wrong, no matter what the situation is. We are trying to list some ways to promote your business during a pandemic.

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Somitha Soman4 months ago

How to Develop Zomato Like Apps

With changing times, people are so busy with their jobs and busy lives that they are barely left with time to cook; the simplest option is to order food online. Food delivery applications like Zomato are the best solution, every day you can try different cuisines or different restaurants to order from and never get bored of restaurant food.

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Shafi Bin Meeran8 months ago

Things to know before developing a Food Delivery App

The need to consume food is never going to stop. Be that as it may, the manner by which food was monetarily expended will undoubtedly change now and again. In the past food was prepared at home. Restaurants came to the rescue of people who were outside their homes