Ayana Reji2 days ago

Impact of marketing automation in customer service

Today, marketing automation is being widely used by providing tailored and meaningful experiences through consumer segments to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Ayana Reji1 week ago

Digital Marketing Tips in 2020

To the digital marketer, change is not only the law of life but the law of success. It isn’t without a keen eye on the future and the thoughtful application of forward-thinking strategies that a marketer can address the rapidly-changing needs of the digitally connected customer and stay on top of digital marketing trends.

Hridya Das2 weeks ago

Relevance of testing in software development

The testing process is an equally integral part of development and planning. Sooner or later, many organizations that develop software have realized that they need to organize a quality assurance management system.

Ayana Reji3 weeks ago

Why laravel is the most popular php framework

PHP has various mainstream frameworks, and Laravel is one of the most prominent ones out of all. The popularity of Laravel is because it is adaptable, powerful, expressive, has magnificent controllers, permits simple, allows easy caching, saves time in executing tasks like authentication, routing, session, and plenty more

Ayana Reji4 weeks ago

Daily Check List for Internet Marketing

In addition to being online, businesses need to use their online presence as a full-fledged marketing effort to maximize their audience reach and increase their revenue generation. If you can tick off every item on this digital marketing checklist, then your digital marketing strategy is ready for another great year of success

Ayana Reji2 months ago

Why should not people be able to teleport wherever they want

People have dependably made diverse universes by finding out about an alternate world-augmented simulation. Lilac infotech provides you what to expect in the future by virtual reality technique demonstrations from Calicut-Kerala