The need to consume food is nevergoing to stop. Be that as it may, the manner by which food was monetarilyexpended will undoubtedly change now and again. In the past food was preparedat home. Restaurants came to the rescue of people who were outside their homes.Nice cafés began to become home base joints and individuals began torationalize to visit eateries. The restaurants likewise began to offer differentcuisines and dining experiences. Some restaurants retained their classic stanceof providing just the food as a utility.

The income in food deliveryservices is required to show a yearly growth rate of 9.9% from 2019 until 2023.This converts into a market volume of $156 billion by 2023. As of recently, theincome from online food delivery has added up to more than $100 billion.

Why Food Delivery Are Companies anEnormous Success Today?

The concept of food deliveryisn’t new. From ordering telephonically to using dedicated online platformslinked to a particular restaurant, the process of ordering food has become aseasy as, well, heating a frozen TV dinner. Over the past 5-7 years, a slew ofcompanies across the world appear to have zeroed in on a new (and now not sosecret) magic formula; where earlier versions of online food delivery servicewere limited to a single restaurant or menu, it is now a veritable buffet,allowing customers access to thousands of restaurants and millions of dishes.

The idea of nourishmentconveyance isn't new. From requesting telephonically to utilizing devotedonline stages connected to a specific eatery, the way toward requestingnourishment has become as simple as, well, warming a solidified TV supper. Inthe course of the last 5-7 years, a large number of organizations over theworld seem to have focused in on another (and now not all that mystery)enchantment equation; where prior forms of online nourishment conveyanceadministration were restricted to a solitary café or menu, it is currently agenuine smorgasbord, permitting clients access to a huge number of cafés and ahuge number of dishes.


Online nourishment organizationsare finding to their joy that clients are greedy for such administrations.Industry development rates have soar as a huge number of clients have giventhemselves more than ready to have nourishment conveyed at the press of a catchas opposed to spend extended periods blending scoop in pot. In 2018, Frost andSullivan assessed the business at $82 billion as far as gross income appointmentsand is set to dramatically increase by 2025, sponsored by a total developmentpace of 14%.Business proprietors of the cafés need bunches of speculationdirectly from getting the kitchen gear to legitimate space. To draw moreindividuals towards the eatery, it must be very much planned and madeappealing, which implies, you need more cash. In the event that these thingsare not executed satisfactorily, it implies proprietors of the eateries aregoing to confront misfortune for the business. So the main way out is to buildthe quantity of requests. What's more, it very well may be effortlesslyaccomplished by the nourishment conveyance applications. With the origin ofnourishment conveyance applications, eateries have had the option to help manyclients who are situated far away.


Important Factors toConsider While Developing Food Delivery Apps

  • Research Thoroughly

Failing to plan is planning tofail, and when you think you’ve researched it all, some new information pops upon the internet. The journey and fate of your food delivery business depend onthe depth of your research. From competitors to end users, gather as muchinformation as you can to help you make an informed decision. The time andmoney you invest in research will give you insights about your target audience.On the contrary, overlooking market research will only save you time and costin the initial stage, but it will prove even costlier when you plan to setthings right. In simple words, research doesn’t guarantee success, but itsurely improves your chances to succeed.

  • Get Your App Right

In continuity with the previousbase, you can’t just expect to have extraordinary results with an ordinary app.From basic/essential features to advanced features that set your food delivery appdifferent from the rest, you need to make sure app looks and works according tothe needs of the hour.

Segregate your app features intotwo categories: Essential and Influential. The essential features are whatevery food delivery business app will and must have. From booking to real timetracking to review and rating, all these features are necessary and thus mustbe included in your app. The right thing to do is to get your app built by apremium mobile app developmentcompany with a provenexperience in the field. And then there are the Influential features that makeyour app stand a class apart from your competitors. This is what makes researchmore so important. See what your audience wants, what your competition isn’tproviding and tap the need to make a strong presence in the digitech world.

  • The Perfect App Launch

Launching your food delivery businessapp is more than simply putting it up on different app stores. You can’t justlaunch it and cross your fingers, waiting for the first download and thenhoping for millions more. It just doesn’t work that way. Launching an app isabout announcing your presence and making your audience want to try it. Createa marketing campaign that taps the consumer pain points with existing fooddelivery business apps and how you have the solution for the same. Ensure yourapp actually delivers the claims you make it does. Leverage upon all themarketing channels you need to spread the news. Get social media influencers totalk about your app. Do a press release to get the attention of your audience.

  • Take Reviews & RatingsSeriously

Reviews and ratings do more thansimply telling you what customers liked about your food delivery business andwhat they didn’t. Working on your app in accordance with the reviews actuallyhelps you with better customer retention. Reviews also add onto your app asdynamic content that further helps in app store optimization. Moreover, reviewshelp you build a sound support community that further enhances the UserExperience of your customers. Also, the more people talk about your app, themore visible it will be on the app stores.

  • Keep Iterating and Improving

No matter how good you app is,there will always be plenty of room for improvements and iterations. At thesame time, regular updates help you keep your food delivery business app freefrom bugs and upgraded operating system compatibility issues. Reviews andratings play an important role in figuring out any and all scopes ofimprovement.

  • Payment Integration

From making online payments tothe traditional cash on delivery, giving your customers the option to pay theway they want to is tantamount to great user experience. In current times,customers are making a switch from paying through credit/debit cards andnetbanking to more sophisticated Apple Pay and Google Pay.Integrating as manypayment options in your system as possible will also make them move fasterthrough the checkout funnel. The faster they move, the quicker they’ll pay.

  •  Real Time Order Update andTracking

Keeping customers informed aboutthe order status (order confirmed, in preparation, out for delivery) to exactlywhere the delivery agent has reached keeps them in the loop. Such real timenotifications and information enhances user experience as customers don’t haveto call again & again to know when will the order reach.Real time ordertracking when the order is in delivery stage can be carried out with the helpof CoreLocation framework (for iOS Apps) and Google Location API (Androidapps). At the same time, Mapkits and Google Maps allow the delivery agent toget the best route to the customer’s location.

  •  Advanced Analytics & Reports

Analyzing customer behavior isthe key to improving your services. It will help you reach out to each of yourcustomers in a highly personalized way. From buying preferences to frequentlyordered food items to the time window when a particular customer orders themost, all this information gives you the power to enhance your business.

The same information will alsohelp you make better food recommendations based on customer’s favorite cuisine,their budget preferences and many other parameters.

  • Delivery Scheduler

Customers normally order foodwhen they need or want it right away. However, there are customers who wanttheir food delivered later in the day. Giving them the freedom to scheduledelivery will not only enhance user experience, but also build brand loyalty. So,give your customers the power to schedule their dinner delivery in the noon ororder a cake for a birthday or anniversary coming in a week. They’ll love youfor it and will want to come back for more.

  •  Referrals & Promo Codes

Want to increase the downloads ofyour food delivery app? Referrals are among the most efficient ways to do so.At the same time, promo codes are also a great way to increase your fooddelivery mobile app’s AOV. Make sure you send referral points and promo codesthrough push notifications so your customers grab the offer quickly.

 Ways of Building Food DeliveryApp

Once you know what essentialfeatures your food delivery app must have, you need to finalize how you wantthe app built. Given the wide variety of niches food delivery for X modelpresents, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the ways are as wide in varietytoo.

The choices you have are:


  • Hiring Your Own Team OfDevelopers

This method is best applicable ifyou are going to work on your app every hour of the day, forever. Then it willbe a good idea to hire developers, designers, testers and the whole shebang.Otherwise, this method is only going to cost you time and money.

  • Hire a Freelancer

Hire a freelancer if he/she livesin your time zone. If your time zones vary, we recommend you figure how to keepthe communication gap at bay. And then you have the possibility of the hiredfreelancer to be in another country. Then, you may also have to deal with thepossible language barrier.

A custom solution that meets allyour requirements minus all the hassles surely sounds like a good idea, becauseit is. A trusted and recommended mobile app development agency will give yougreat value for money. Moreover, you will be able to focus on your businesswhile your app gets built. A win-win situation.

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