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Deepthi A V1 month ago

Why Laravel is the Best Backend Framework in 2020

Laravel is an open-source PHP web framework created and kept up by Taylor Otwell as an endeavor to supply a more advanced elective to the CodeIgniter framework. Its architectural designs are majorly based on Symfony.

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Deepthi A V2 months ago

The Perfect Guide on Accelerated Mobile Pages

The AMP project points to ‘build the future web together’ by permitting you to form web pages and advertisements that are reliably quick, and high-performing over gadgets. More than 1.5 billion AMP pages have been made to date, and more than 100 driving analytics, advertisement tech, and CMS suppliers back the AMP format.

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Ayana Reji8 months ago

Guidelines to be a good programmer

Programming is an area in which interest is not adequate for success. You need to be knowledgeable but you also need to know more and more about programming constantly. It's not enough just being involved in programming to succeed. Being a great developer doesn't just mean being an accomplished coder