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Somitha Soman2 months ago

Why Digital Entrepreneurship

We cannot deny the fact that we all live in a digital world, and with the digitalization process getting at the peak, the users, as well as the organizations, are left with no other option other than adapting to the changing trends in marketing. If you are an entrepreneur, we here try to help you be a digital entrepreneur through some simple steps and tips.

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Somitha Soman3 months ago

Top Web Development Trends in 2020

The digital sector is one of those sectors where survival is possible only if your ideas are innovative. It is important to predict changes and be prepared to adapt them. Web developers necessarily have to keep up with the on-going trends while developing a website. We try to list out some of the web trends of 2020.

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Ayana Reji11 months ago

Guidelines to be a good programmer

Programming is an area in which interest is not adequate for success. You need to be knowledgeable but you also need to know more and more about programming constantly. It's not enough just being involved in programming to succeed. Being a great developer doesn't just mean being an accomplished coder