Multi service app like Gojek

If you get a chance to start everything from a multi-service business, superb right!!! In this tech-savvy world, it is very useful to get a well-developed app like Gojek. It is quite difficult to choose and purchase various kinds of products from different places. But now usage of apps and mobile phones makes it easier for people to purchase groceries, food products, and all other things comfortably at home. Mobile applications really help people to use the trends, get everything in their hands and deliver at home. A multi-service app will be very helpful to people who cannot search and use more apps for different needs. So a super multi-service app can make users more relevant and time-saving for their needs. We can say that this multi-service business is going to be the future of apps and online business.

Benefits of starting a multi-service business?

  • You get more clients
  • More sales opportunities
  • Get more revenue
  • Businesses get more valued
  • You can make a single point of contact
  • Cross-collaboration encouragement
  • Real-time tracking and multi-payment options
  • Multi-language and multi-currency
  • More users over a single channel
  • You get the best review and ratings
  • Make a profit earning business
  • Simple and single touch login/register

What are the services included in Gojek?

Ridesharing app, ride booking, medicine delivery, grocery service, house cleaning app, laundry service, food delivery, courier and liquor service, and mechanic service.

The list is not ending here. It is one of the best on-demand multi-service apps. The demand for the Gojek clone app for your business is increasing. So it is better to develop a Gojek app for your growth of the business.

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What are the best reasons for the growth of the Gojek business app?

Best business owners- Owners will keep users more connected With products for longer profits. The owners will focus more on business and they get more profits for this business.

Users- They are the front mirror of any business. If more users come to start using this app, sales will get more and profit will increase so Gojek users get more options to purchase from this.

Delivery person- most of the multiple tasks give them guaranteed work and get the commission.

So the Gojek clone app development get popularity like this and moreover it is

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Wide usage of the app
  3. Best offers
  4. Multiple services in an app
  5. Easy navigation

How to develop a multi-service app like Gojek?

Best planning- You need the best plan to start a multi-service app and we know that to start a single app owner needs to pre-plan well and know every aspect to build it. For a multi-service app, you need to think more.

Choose platform- To get the best app development need to choose the right platform. You can choose a native app, cross-platform app, and web app. You need to plan for IOS and Android apps for super mobile applications.

Select features- You need to select good features for your multi-service app. According to the budget, you can decide what features you can add.

The technology used- What are the technologies you need that can be added to your app. The multiple features and functions are there so you can use various technologies for the super applications.

Testing- if all requirements and development are over you can test the app on all sides and clear the bugs. After clearing the bugs you can launch it. After launching the app you can research more to take action against your competitor.

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Cost for building Gojek app?

No one can correctly find out the cost or budget and moreover, it depends on various factors. We know that a multi-service app needs many features and segments to develop. It includes

  • UI/UX design
  • Third-party works
  • Quality check
  • App functionalities
  • Maintenance so on

If you need to build an on-demand app like the Gojek app, decide the budget and choose the right app development team who helps you to create the best application within the budget.

Monetization methods for Gojek application

The methods to get the revenue are mainly from,

Commission from business- Many businesses come along with Gojek to enjoy more sales, it charges a small commission rate for every successful order happening through the app.

Commission from consumers- It also charges a commission from the consumer for each order. Gojek provides convenient solutions for every problem.

Commission from Drivers- Delivery partners and the individual driver has a small commission for orders they are delivering.

Final words

On-demand multi-service app solutions are the most trending app business today and you can do everything within a super app like Gojek. This kind of business really improves the profit and can create a large network of connections. If you need a team to build a super app like this contact us, we will help you.

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