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The beautiful future of the American FinTech business is described by a sector with a market size of USD 4 trillion and a staggering 11% CAGR. Every year, thousands of businesses spring up throughout the country, adding to the relentless rise of venture capital investment.

In retrospect, the FinTech industry is undoubtedly the fastest expanding domain, with limitless opportunities and a promising future for businesses that provide banking and financial services. Not only have digital currency movements transformed the global finance industry, The prominence of Internet transactions also indicates shifting tendencies in this segment.

Lucrative FinTech mobile applications are changing how individuals worldwide conduct business and manage transactions. A multifaceted financial application with highly customized interfaces provides the opportunity for revenue-based development that interacts with increased engagement for ultimate brand success.

How do these successful financial mobile applications work?

Before we get started with fintech app solutions, let's have a look at the industrial overview of the fintech industry in the United States, as well as the aspects that drive engagement with these apps:

Fintech Apps in the United States: An Overview of the Industry 

The US fintech industry is segmented into many divisions based on its dynamics and service proportions. Here's how the whole FinTech business in the United States looks after being divided into categories:

  1. Digital investments include digital commerce, digital remittance, and point-of-sale payments.
  2. Robo advisors and neo brokers in digital payments 
  3. Crowd financing and crowd investing are examples of alternative lending. 
  4. Online insurance marketplace - Neo banking

Aside from clever and successful mobile apps, the expansion of e-commerce significantly influences the FinTech area in the United States. Popular online transaction systems such as PayPal and Stripe have been around for a long time. However, services such as TransferWise and Venmo have witnessed a significant surge in digital payments following COVID-19. 

The first notable increase in digital payments of USD 940 billion in 2021 expounded on the powerful growth of altering FinTech trends in the United States. However, the digital investment industry had a more noticeable increase in 2022. According to research on fintech growth, the transactional value per user in the investing industry surpassed USD 48,000 that year.

Even some of the largest firms in the FinTech business are embracing partnership strategies to extend their offerings. The wider picture in digital payments also shows that 2022 has experienced significant growth, and the niche will benefit many organizations and startups in the next few years. 

iTrustCapital used its USD 125 million capital to begin construction on its new headquarters in Irvine the same year. The FinTech behemoth made this move to expand its products. Many more organizations will follow suit to gain more visibility for their brands.

In this article, we will discuss the process of designing safe FinTech applications that add up to an unbeatable growth plan for your banking and financial services.

Critical Elements of Successful FinTech Mobile Apps 

We now understand the unending need for successful FinTech mobile apps in the United States. But what constitutes a user-friendly and profitable FinTech application for the consumer and the service provider?

Let's look at some of the most important elements of FinTech apps that ensure the revenue development that businesses seek:

1. Biometric Identification  

Any developing financial application requires secure authentication. This type of technological integration enables a mobile app development business to ensure the safety of users during onboarding.

2. Online Banking Assistance 

This one-of-a-kind feature is a game changer for banking apps since it allows users to settle their doubts without visiting the local bank. A visual banking assistant should be available on the app 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

3. Alerts and Push Notifications 

Push notifications are essential for every functional application. Alerts make banking and financial apps significantly more scalable and user-friendly. 

4. Electronic payments and transactions 

The success of lucrative FinTech mobile applications depends on how quickly and effectively digital payments function on your app. This hugely crucial factor has caused a surge in this trillion-dollar sector.  

5. ATM Finder 

Are you seeking a clever and easy approach to compete with other banking apps? If so, an ATM in your immediate vicinity will suffice for your application. 

6. Account Administration 

A concise summary of your customers' most recent expenditures and savings can help them make smarter financial decisions. This functionality may benefit from the planned inclusion of an account management tool.

7. Artificial intelligence for data visualization  

With smart advancements, artificial intelligence can alter any industry and usher it into the future. You can make your FinTech mobile app more user-friendly by using AI-powered data visualization.

fintech mobile app development

How Can You Ensure the Development of a Profitable Fintech App? 

The FinTech business has a bright future in the United States and abroad. Clever and user-friendly mobile apps may accomplish a lot in this arena. But how can a seasoned financial app development firm make these products lucrative and user-friendly? 

At Lilac, we have a specialized team of product designers and developers who provide an exceptional experience with financial applications. Let us walk you through our FinTech mobile app development process to ensure quality and usability.

Conduct Market Research for a Fail-Safe Fintech Platform 

A digital payment platform or an investing site might be your FinTech application. Deep market research enables our business analysts to provide FinTech project ideas that make your services reasonably relevant to your target consumers. 

Comprehensive User Experience Evaluation 

An extensive user experience architecture study extends beyond the intended area and consumer base. Our product consultants and UI/UX specialists collaborate on design techniques to create distinct value propositions and a smooth user journey.

Product Scope 

The key to developing lucrative FinTech mobile applications is to assess the breadth of the offering. In other words, we always measure the effects of every component we add to our apps. Apart from that, we evaluate the main concept of your digital presence to make it complete for your customers. 

Suitable Technology and Development Model 

Choosing the technology and integration models underpinning successful finance apps significantly impacts the result. Even if you have the most fantastic notion for a financial app in your head, getting it to documentation and implementation needs forethought. Our product management handles that.

Model of Engagement and Fintech Compliance 

All you have to worry about when dealing with a professional financial app development firm like Lilac is the choice of engagement models. You may employ a specialized development team or collaborate with us to create a lucrative mobile app for your banking and financial solutions. Our product team handles everything from roadmap execution to app compliance.

Feedback and Testing 

Although QA and performance testing are the final strings, they are crucial to FinTech app development services. Our quality assurance team does an efficiency test that considers average transaction time, app reaction time, navigation interactivity, and platform security.

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Why Choose Lilac for Fintech App Development?

When creating profitable finance mobile apps with assured interaction and excellent scalability, Lilac professionals know how to do it correctly! As a well-known mobile app development company, we have worked on various products and digital architectures that change the interaction dynamics for companies.

As a top FinTech app development business, we know the variations you may face regarding project planning and expenses. Furthermore, every firm that provides financial and banking services has different app components and performance needs. We leverage this knowledge to create financial applications that are significantly more personalized and consumer-focused.

Contact our team immediately if you want to establish or update your financial brand with a new and enhanced architecture. You may also discuss FinTech app design and development expenses during your consultation with our professionals.

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