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The outbreak of the novel coronavirus was in China in the month of December 2019. In the next 3-4 months, it spread all over the world, and soon it was declared as a pandemic, a pandemic that none of our generations had witnessed before. The world had no option apart from a LOCKDOWN, everything came to a standstill. Even though now the lockdown is lifted and people are getting back to work abiding by the COVID social distancing guidelines, the economic loss is huge. Even the biggest economies in the world are facing the threat of a recession. 

Despite all of this, some sectors performed well during this pandemic. One of those is the sector of essential services. Well, considering the threats that any such global disasters can bring in the future we have tried to sum up an article on how you can promote your essential business in such situations.

Let your clients find solace in you

In this situation, we all know how difficult it is going to be to promote your products and services, as people are all worried about the situation.  For retaining a client or acquiring a new client you might have to be sensitive towards them. Whatever product you want to sell, try to link it to the current situation for people to relate to it on a better level. For example, if you are providing an E-Learning solution, you can try to show how useful the E-Learning application turned out to be in the current situation with the shut of all the educational institutions. This might create a sense of need in the mind of the client. You can explain to them how adjusting to the conditions and developing is essential for the survival of any business.

Digital Bond

Since the start of lockdown, we saw a drastic increase in the usage of messaging apps like Whatsapp where you can chat; call as well video call each other. Other applications that were used highly are tools like the Zoom app, which was extensively used for not only conducting meetings, interviews, online classes but also for online celebrations. We saw marriages through Facebook live; we celebrated birthdays over a Zoom call. These lockdown times bestowed us with a different world, a digital world. A world where people can't step out of their houses and meet their dear ones, but that doesn't stop them from staying in touch digitally. 

These opportunities can be used as a means to connect with your client too. Maybe we can’t personally go and meet clients but we can always be active on social media and other digital platforms that will assure the clients that we are working full-fledged. 

For example, if we have an online medicine delivery application, we can boast about it digitally so that the potential clients can think about moving their business online and also compare it with the current situation, this might give you an upper hand. Online doctor booking apps are a trend now, then why not an online medicine delivery application. 

The threat is the virus, not the people. Let's all stay connected digitally. 

 A personal touch!

You have to try to personalize marketing strategies. We all receive tons of spam emails from different companies in our inbox daily, and I am sure most don't even open the mails and delete those. Sending spam messages to all the clients for your new products or services is not going to help you in any way.  We all prefer a personal touch in everything, clients will also prefer sending them a personalized or customized message or a mail, which makes them feel connected to us.

Are you looking for a business to start

Create your ides with us

Another app that is gaining popularity in today's times is that of Grocery delivery. In this situation it is hardly possible for people to step out of the house to buy anything, people prefer grocery delivered online. Big players like Zomato and Swiggy have stepped into grocery delivery which builds the pressure on the local players. To compete in the business it is essential to adapt to the changing modes.

It is important to study the market situation and provide solutions accordingly, just bluntly trying to sell your product won't work, instead, if you try to explain the situation and explain the need for a digital change that might make your clients think.

Get your figures right

Before getting into a business, or while contemplating the idea it is important to have a detailed market study, same way while running the business also it is important to keep an account of each penny that was spent or earned. You have to keep track of the number of leads, which might convert into a sale, the projects that are in pipeline, the projects that are about to get on papers. These figures will help you to understand which is the area that you need to focus on, which sectors are bringing you business etc. No time soon we see the pandemic going away, people are scared to step out of the house if it is not for necessity so booking food online, online grocery delivery, medicine delivery apps, doctor booking apps are surely going to work on for the long run too. 


We all know the damage that was caused by the COVID-19. Everyone is surely hit economically. Staying at home for months might surely have cost you a lot of losses. But this is new to all of us, we all are trying to find a way to survive. This can be an opportunity for businesses to think out of the box and bring in ideas that will help you to adapt to the changing times. 

All we can do is stay safe and hope and pray for the good times to return. The times when going out without a mask and breathing some fresh air was considered to be normal. 


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