best telemedicine apps in india

How difficult was it for you to buy your medicines during this lock down?

Since the launch of on-demand medicine delivery applications, the business world has drastically transformed. This trend has now extended to medical sectors, e.g. healthcare, pharmacies, medicine delivery.

Till some years ago, we could not have imagined getting medicines delivered to your doorstep. But the growing need for on-demand apps has made that possible. The health industry has achieved enormous progress online in such a short span period. A recent report says that since 2016, the online health industry has been progressing at a rapid rate.

The current pandemic situation made it difficult for everyone to step out of the house, forget to buy medicines. That's when people resorted to mobile apps for medicine delivery, and the need for such apps grew. Wherever you are, a few clicks on your mobile can get you your medicines at your doorstep. Also, there's an additional advantage of getting discounts.

You can order the medicines through a website or a mobile app you don't have to stand in a long queue at a pharmacy. You simply have to upload a prescription and confirm the details like the quantity and get the order delivered at home. According to a recent report, over 60 percent of pharmacies in India are delivering medicines through website and app requests. 

We list down some benefits of Medical apps offer:

Customer Benefits:

  • You get medicines delivered to your home
  • You get various discounts
  • You get to view all the previous purchase history
  • You get reminders for the next purchases
  • You get information about the medicines

Pharmacy Benefits: 

  • Pharmacies can draw new clients and reach different geological areas
  • Pharmacies can offer generic alternatives for medicines not available
  • Pharmacies can manage their inventory digitally 
  • Pharmacies get reminders and notifications on expiry dates
  • Pharmacies can offer different marketing campaigns to customers
  • Some of the biggies in telemedicine apps are listed below:

Top 10 Medicine Delivery Applications in India

1. PharmEasy 


PharmEasy is one of the largest online pharmacies and health care portals in India, which offers delivery services throughout India. You can choose from more than 1 lakh plus over-the-counter products, healthcare products, and medical equipment. They provide various offers & you can save up to 70% if you get lucky. Apart from products, they also allow you to book your blood tests, diagnostic tests, and full-body check-ups at an affordable price. They also offer coupons which let you get extra discounts on purchases.

2. 1mg


1mg, along with the medicines, also provides you detailed information regarding the particular medicine, its side effects, the dosage of it, etc. They sell all types of medicines like allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic, vitamin supplements, and other health-related products that get delivered across 1000 cities in India. When you search for medicine, you get to make a price comparison. 1mg also offers a free consultation with doctors. You can also book a lab test or a health check-up from more than 120 top verified labs. 1mg also offers you coupons that help you save money on your purchase.

3. Practo


Many people know Practo as a doctor booking platform. But now Practo has become the one-stop for providing all the medical requirements. It functions in over 100 cities in India. 

You can upload a prescription and get delivery more simply since Practo has a tie-up with many local drug pharmacists. If you want to save money on blood tests or medical tests you can use coupons provided by Practo and get additional benefits. You also get a reminder based on your previous purchases. You can also get doctor consultations from doctors by chatting with them online which saves you the time of travel.

4. NetMeds


Netmeds is managed by the Dadha group, which is a well-known name in the pharma sector for the past 100 years. Netmeds offers over-the-counter products, surgical and medical supplies, vitamins, herbal products, diabetic care kits, baby products, beauty care products, etc. Netmeds was an application that was generally utilized by the individuals in the northern areas of India during the lockdown. Netmeds also provides coupons for saving additionally on purchases. You can upload a prescription and get a flat 15% discount for any type of medicine order. Various payment options are made available, be it credit card, debit card, or even COD.

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5. BookMeds


BookMeds lets you buy products of different categories such as medicines, surgical products, orthopedic care, mother and baby, hospital facilities, medical devices, protein supplements, fitness goods, and more.

Their service is available across 600 cities in India covering many areas. You can upload your medicine prescription and you get it delivered. There is also an option where you can get your medicines delivered within 4 hours of ordering.

6. SmartMedics


SmartMedics helps you in ordering medicines as well as consulting doctors from different branches of medicine. You can order medicines online across various cities in India either by using their website or the app. They will either collect the prescription from your home or you can choose to upload the prescription. The app offers a flat 22 percentage discount on all the healthcare products and t promises to deliver the medicines within 48 hours. Another benefit is they don't charge you with a delivery fee, and the minimum amount is Rs 100.

7. Medlife 


Medlife is one of India's largest healthcare applications which operates in over 2500 cities. IT is a comprehensive store which not only offers many products and services like online medicine, over the counter healthcare products but also provides doctor consultation and diagnostic tests. 

They promise to offer up to 50% cashback while booking through the app apart from the discounts they provide through the coupons they issue. You have an option to upload your prescription in the app, and within 2-3 days the medicines will be delivered at your doorstep. The quality is assured as it deals with authorized dealers.

8. Med Plus

Med Plus

Medplus is among the largest pharmacies in India which has more than 1500 pharmacies in the country. With MedPlus Mart you can buy various products in FMCG, healthcare, nutrition and over-the-counter products simply through your phone. 

MedPlus provides complete information on the medicine about its dosage, care, and side-efforts. They offer you a discount of up to 35% on medicine with Flexi Rewards which you can use for cash. You can upload the prescription to place an order. Since they have associated with many pharmacy stores, the nearest pharmacy store will deliver you the order within 2-3 days.

9. MChemist


MChemist is a complete health care app providing comprehensive healthcare and medicine delivery services to everyone. It comes with a highly instinctive and user-friendly interface. This app includes extra convenience traits like fast medicine delivery and, we also get Over-the-Counter products online. MChemist allows you to book diagnostic lab tests and also lets you set reminders for pills and vaccinations and many more. MChemist also offers you various offers and discounts and also provides you with coupons apart from the regular offers.

10. Ask Apollo


Ask Apollo is a one-stop for healthcare and wellness needs where you can get a wide range of healthcare services are offered. Apart from ordering medicines, you can also book an appointment with a doctor. Since it is an Apollo initiative you need not worry about the quality of the products offered. You can upload your prescription and select home delivery or a store pickup and track your order. 

Apart from these, you can schedule your health check-ups at the Apollo labs or Apollo diagnostic centers. The app saves your medical records which you can access anytime. The app also offers you an option to talk to a doctor online through video conference or voice calls.


We tried to bring around some of the best medicine delivery applications widely used, there are many more which is now getting noticed. Whenever you are not in a position of stepping out of your house but need to buy medicines you can surely resort to these apps. In some of these apps, they offer doctor consultation also. So you need not worry about how to get your medicines, it is just a click away.

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