Mobile app development in Logistics business

Today the world has grown digitally to the extent that communication is not something we worry about. Have you thought about digitizing your logistics business too? It would be a great feeling to imagine your business growing with tons of deliveries, dispatches, and orders every day. How would you track your payment records, shipping, inventory & customer? You could think about hiring a major power, but ultimately, teamwork and coordination between multiple people will cost you a lot of money. Mobile logistics software can help you run your company quickly and efficiently.

There was a spike in on-demand applications due to user demand for online services. Company investors are leaning towards the logistics tracking application for ease of distribution. Logistics is a simple way to organize the transport, inventory, and shipping of the goods in a simple format. Due to the evolving order numbers of the customer, the logistic objective is to keep the entrepreneur aware of the demand and availability of goods stored in your warehouse.

Types of apps used in Logistics Business

We have tried to list down some of the most common applications that are needed to run your logistics business:

  • Shipping apps for business management
  • GPS route optimization app
  • On-demand delivery app
  • Proof of delivery app
  • Damage report app
  • Voyage planning app
  • Vehicle inspection app

Getting all these apps into your logistics business can help you in more than one way:

1. Pushing the entire process: 

An app for logistics makes your invoicing process easy. It helps the coordination between the head office and the distribution team; it will save a lot of fuel cost & will also speed up the arrival of freight.

2. Quick entry of orders: 

Your internal order entry process, as well as, custom orders can be, streamlined using a mobile order entry solution. All that you need is your mobile or any smart device.

3. Reduce errors while delivery: 

Apps for managing logistics can mitigate shipping problems. Like it can help you in many ways, e.g. you can let others know the status of your shipping vehicle, or you can track each step of your shipping, which can reduce the errors caused while delivering the shipment by a great margin.

4. Testing the automobiles: 

By using the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology testing the automobiles can be done by simply using your smartphone. The tag on the vehicle will automatically record the location and registration.

5. Fast updation: 

A logistics app can blend with all the systems that the company uses. All the people involved in a delivery process, be it the driver, the back office, or the management, all can record and mark the completion of the delivery in real-time, right from the mobile devices. It can be tailored to suit the specific delivery process of the company. The app will enter the order details, customer's signature, and company details.

The logistic app also maintains the daily log for drivers to know their work hours, to remind them of the maintenance of their delivery vehicles, and also to track all the statistics.

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Cost for building a logistics app?

Why choose mobile apps for logistic business

Here we try to bring forth some benefits of choosing a mobile app for your logistics business:

1. Cut down on paperwork:

At the end of the day, we all are human, and it is very normal for us to misplace forms or order receipts, the data entered or the calculation made can be incomplete or incorrect also. Mobile apps let you collect and store all the information in the database and the data like mileage and driving time can be measured well. Apps will also boost productivity and time and will also ensure the information will be safe and easily available.

2. Oversee the functions

Clarity is a main in a logistic business and mobile apps are the best to manage all the operations. These apps will reduce administration mistakes, improve vigilance, and also support data-related arrangements.

3. Flexible Delivery Process

Mobile apps help you schedule all the deliveries and tracks of the delivery that will have good versatility in your business. And will also create good customer relations.

4. Transport Tracking

Mobile apps help you track all the employee details with the help of GPS tracking. You can track all your automobiles and freight and even track all the shipments properly; with a detailed track report that keeps the transport process at ease and help resolve the problem.

 5. Reasonable Freight

Mobile applications help you manage the consignments and directions, arrange trips, lessen the distance, and improve the profits.

6. Lessens expense and time

Mobile apps can perfect the directions for a driver which will reduce his fuel consumption and also his time. The apps will analyse the major features and help your business operate efficiently and lessen the functional expense.

7. Repository Management

The logistic business also includes the area where all the stocks are piled up before dispatching them. The apps help you store and manage the stock in a simple way and also help you store all the information in a database.

8. Steady logistics chain operation

The logistics chain can be enhanced with real-time information which will allow the drivers to intimate any delay and also improves dispatch services, manage the stocks, keeps the record, track all the processes well.

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Features to be included in Logistic apps

We have tried to list out some must-have features in a logistics app

A. Features of Admin Panel

M2M Communication

Mobile-to-mobile communication enables the admin to observe the vehicle's status from anywhere. It helps the admin stay updated about the vehicle's maintenance and other requirements. This also includes analytics.

Push Notification

It is important to send real-time updates about the status of an order. You can send the information regarding allotment of the driver, invoice generation, and the completion of order through this feature.

Automobile Management

This helps the managers to assign drivers for different routes and also change the delivery location. Managing the vehicles helps the admin take prompt action.

 GPS Tracking

Google Maps have brought unprecedented changes in the way we use GPS. This feature can execute different tasks varying from shipping to track.  It enables the managers to track the drivers and cooperate with them. It can also ensure security and convenient transportation.


The dashboard shows all the activities in one place. It helps the admin check all the order status. It also allows the admin to control the whole process and say connected with the users to resolve the queries.

Vehicle Management                                   

It is one of the most critical features that will make it easy for the fleet manager to track vehicles and keep track of fuel consumption. Moreover, this function allows the carrier to handle the fleet efficiently by offering vehicle handling characteristics. 

B. Features of User


The signup process needs to be user friendly and direct. Registration helps us get the valuable data of the customers like email id, address, names, etc.

Payment Gateway

The user can pay online with the help of a payment gateway. The payment gateway has to be safe and simple.


Alerts help the customer stay updated about order booking, invoice, tracking the package, delivery. Customers get real-time updates about every step.

Tracking the Order

Users can track their orders throughout the process. Real-time tracking helps the users find the exact location of the delivery.

Rating and Feedback

The user gives a review or feedback after getting the delivery of the package. These suggestions help improve customer service.

C. Features of Driver


The driver can register through email or his social media account

Route Tracking

GPS technology helps the driver find a shorter route for the delivery of the order

Order Management

The driver gets information about the destination and other related details

In-app Chat

This feature helps the driver to chat with the admin or the user whenever necessary.

Payment integration

Bill and receipt of payments are added features that can be included.Get a free quote with us


Developing a logistic app is not simple in these fast-moving times. Despite, while developing an app for logistics you have to keep three things in mind: desire, demand, and resources.  Consider the desire you have in mind for the app, i.e. you have to keep in mind the purpose of your developing the app, next you have to be clear on the demand or the target audience you are looking out for, and lastly, your budget has to be fixed clearly. For growing your business it is very important to grow with the ever-changing digital trends to meet user needs.

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