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How it will be if you have a handyman on time to simplify your home services? People nowadays expect more perfect and skilled peop to do different types of home services like moving to a new home, kitchen arrangements, plumbing, electricians, and other household work. So, with a home service business and an on-demand house service app, the tasks can be done easily. An app helps you really to find the professionals who are best in different works. Experts can visit you directly to fix the issues in your house. This is a great idea, right?

We know that on-demand services and the on-demand economy is grown up so fat and very sophisticated. For every need, there are on-demand apps that make our work fast and easier. To meet your everyday home task, you can digitally search and find the experts to do it.

Home service app demand on today’s market

Handyman business app is one of the kinds and money-making app. In the USA the demand for handyman apps in the market is near $600 billion now. On-demand home service app is a bridge between users and professionals, who need digital instants for the infrastructure in the real world to do household tasks. Hiring through apps, on-demand home services, cleaning services, other maintenance services can be made fast. Moreover, the home service economy created many possibilities in a marketplace like STREEM and TASKRABBIT. This will benefit service providers and those who need the experts same.

Features of Home service app

Some key features of on-demand home service apps include

  • Registration details
  • Search and browse service
  • Requesting and scheduling
  • Payment integration
  • Notifications and Feedback
  • Support all time

Most entrepreneurs focus to start and turn their business into a home service app to make more profit and enhance the business. The more popular on demand home service app which is famous all over is TaskRabbit. Come look at a glance at how to develop an ongoing best home service app like TaskRabbit? Its efficiency and cost for development. 

In July 2008 Leah Busque launched the home service app where users can post the task with their iPhone. It helped the online marketplace be highly effective and doing the work fast. It is an American online mobile platform that meets the local demands of customers. Now it is grown to UK and Canada. TaskRabbit offers a variety of budget-friendly options customers can choose from.

How TaskRabbit works?

TaskRabbit works by connecting customers with local service providers. The service also provides various professionals with access to different ratings and reviews. You can use TaskRabbit to find Taskers, know about previous client’s experiences, and compare hourly rates, and sharing reviews. 

Go to Deep

TaskRabbit mainly have two segments like


This segment is for the users, those who need to get the work done. Clients can fill up the form of employment and can highlight their specifications related to the task they require. Users can fill the form when they want the task including time and date. From the application of Task posters, they can choose the professionals. Users can view various details about TaskDoer like their knowledge, experience, an hourly rate so on.


The next one, those who need to apply on a freelance basis. Users can directly allocate jobs based on the freelance service. Jobs are given according to their profiles. Through these taskers, availability and users can directly talk to experts is possible. Taskposters post the job which TaskRabbit recommends three suitable TaskDoers based on their rate and availability. They keep quality and efficiency by continuous checking of backgrounds of TaskDoers. The app includes promo codes, chat support, coupons, etc.

Salient features of TaskRabbit App

TaskRabbit includes various factors for those people who are busy in daily life. It is a one-stop solution for the various daily tasks in-home service. At your fingertips, the work is done, and the team will help you to solve the time-consuming works. Getting into the full features of this app, it has,

Booking field

This can use for both end-users and service providers. Users can fast book the service and handyman for the task. At the same time, service providers can view the bookings and schedule the time. There is also reschedule option when they are not available at the time.

Marketplace for home service

Home service demand apps like TaskRabbit need the market to run over. The list of services can be seen while opening the mobile app. The app should consist of all kinds of home services and when users select the particular category they get a detailed description of the service there.

Push Notifications

Both users and service providers get the entire message through notification to don’t miss any inquiries or actions in the app.

Tracking system

This feature helps you to know the handyman's destination, where he/she reached.

Invoice service

After completing the service, the app gives the invoice for the service charge. There is a section like order where they can see the service and invoice where they can send email or SMS.

Chat options

In-app chat options are there to make calls and messages on time to provide the help and service end to end

Review and ratings

Users can review and rate the app with the completed service from the professional. Good reviews and ratings help the app to engage with new customers.

Some products in the app include

Admin website - Admin site used for members in TaskRabbit to manage users and taskers to perform various administration works

Tasker App - App for taskers for hired getting work, report analysis, connect with users, etc

User App - To perform bookings, connecting with experts so on. (both iOS & Android)

What Makes TaskRabbit special in-home service app

The new business model of the home service app made it more people to get jobs easier. It will be more favorable for task poster. They can easily get the job by applying to an app and can do freelance where they can earn more money. In this new business model, the work is task-centric and the payment will be hourly which helps experts and users to meet their requirements easily. In this on-demand apps world, working and launching a different kind of service app will help your business to achieve more. Mobile technology helped the market to launch new innovations and SaaS.

  • The professional will be an extra executive with the app shirt
  • Tools and equipment are oriented clean finishing work
  • They have an all-controlling mobile app for chatting, scheduling work, invoicing so on.
  • They have the tasker calendar
Get a Home Service App Like TaskRabbit Today

Create Your on-demand home service app

How to develop an app like TaskRabbit?

To make the clone of an app like TaskRabbit is quite interesting. To plan the app-building needs a lot of research and ideas, to make it successful. For the successful development of the app, you need the best team. Best App Development Company helps to develop an app like TaskRabbit.

On-demand home service app helps to find perfect taskers and clients which helps society-wide and can make money for the business. For this process, you need 

  • Exact planning
  • Project development team
  • Designers
  • Platform
  • Testing
  • Clearing bugs
  • Launching app
  • Marketing and SEO

Cost to develop app like TaskRabbit?

We can’t predict the exact rate to develop the app but there are so many factors included like

  1. All the featured set
  2. Tech stack involved
  3. The number of platforms the app living on
  4. Testing and other software are included

With the home service app, entrepreneurs can make money more. While discussing how you can make revenue from a home service app like TaskRabbit there are different ways like

  • They make money by cutting some amount on every transaction that occurs in the app
  • In this business portal for local businesses who hire for the workforce from the app, the company could charge a small percentage of money from it.

For making many customers in your home service app, you can do 

  • Internet Marketing
  • Various offers
  • Advertising
  • Free service 

Winding Up

The future of home service apps like TaskRabbit is wide in use, and it helps people to make their work simple. To get your own home service or handyman app for your business, we are here for you. Lilac Infotech helps to achieve a sophisticated well-managed app for your business turns.  This type of business is moving fast in each city and earning huge revenue. That much its uses are. To build an on-demand home service solution is high on discussions and plannings. Then what’s your next plan? come to discuss it with us.

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