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Mobile applications are changing each year. The growth of the market with trends and a stable economy will run mobile app technology so its cost will also change according to this. The number of downloaded apps is increasing day by day. People who are of all ages depend on mobile apps for different purposes. The demand for mobile apps is getting more in this pandemic situation. About 28 billion apps are downloaded from Google Play and 8 million downloads from the app store.

The mobile app market will not face any downfall and entrepreneurs can lead their business to the next level. If you are going to build your own application you will think about different things like app features, budget, cost, time and technology, etc. To which mobile development company you should choose.

Types of mobile apps

The type of mobile apps shows the cost of app development. The mobile app has different features and it changes like different companies like e-commerce apps, social networking apps, tracking, and monitoring apps. The skillset of mobile development and team need time and developers, designers, QA testers, project management like that.

  • On-demand apps
  • E-commerce app
  • Marketplace app
  • Social network app
  • Data-driven app
  • Authentication app
  • Basic app

For a simple app it takes 3 to 6 months, for the medium app it takes 6-8 months and for complex apps, it takes 10 months or above.

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Factors include mobile app development

  1. App design & UIUX
  2. Platforms included
  3. API integration
  4. Server pack and integration
  5. App development tools
  6. Back end infrastructure
  7. Admin

Overview of app development cost

Before calculating the app cost you should decide the app project allocated to an in-house or third-party team. If you are going for an app development team you can prefer the procedure and the options can be chosen like

Time-based:  Estimate time should be calculated and hours. According to this, the cost is calculated. The total hour required to develop the project

Fixed price:  before the project is going the pricing structure will define by the project size and the features project with your company requirements

Moreover, the different stages include

Planning stage: your team and development team will plan and decide project complexity, scope and if you are not in a tech background you should research more about yourapp development ideas and tips, steps so on. At this time developer should fix the cost and you can go to the next level.

Design stage:  Next stage is the designing part. If you need IOS and android platform design costs will be increased. The app with a native or hybrid app platform will also define it. How many pages or screen and UI/UX design building app layout, building app wireframe, etc.

Development and testing stage:  Developing stage will take more time duration so you should wait for it. After development, it takes testing time and clearing bugs so the cost should be calculated for testing too.

Marketing stage:  After the completion and deployment of the app project, you should invest more in the initial stage of the project to get your app in the market and use more by clients.

Like this for every stage and to make your app attractive, user involvement and more customers are needed so you go with more planning and research for investing money in your app projects.

Tips to reduce the app development cost

You can save your money with all technology like arranging meetings online instead of direct meetings, using project management software to save time and online document process. Using paperless and communicating through apps and emails. Before you start with your app, reduce your office cost and expenses in many ways so you can save money for your application.

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As we know mobile app development is a long process according to the project needs and we can’t predict the exact cost for it. It contains several factors which we are discussing and in 2022 new features and technology updation may take place so the cost will vary with this. Any way you can reduce the cost to a level who knows how to handle the things and expenses, app development knowledge and tech ideas, etc. 

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