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If you can enhance the quality of an existing service, and offer it on-demand you can be the next Uber. As simple as it sounds, to make an innovative idea to reach the whole wide world on a larger scale is quite difficult. If you are looking for an answer to how to make an app like Uber, you are at the right place; we will guide you in the right direction. 

The total cost to create an online taxi booking app ranges from $20,000- $40,000 USD. (Cost is subjected to change country-wise).

Grow your Business with Uber Like Taxi App

Since the time Uber was launched in 2009, it has been a revolution. It started a new trend in on-demand Taxi-Booking, this new idea from inspired many others to develop similar clone applications. Uber’s success is mainly because of the user-friendly & simple application. But to get it working the founders of Uber also faced hurdles one of them being they needed to attract both drivers and riders simultaneously. 

If you are looking for an app like Uber then the aim should not be to create an app that matches the Uber application in all features. You have to introduce a unique feature or some useful idea, which makes your product stand out from other Uber clone applications. To get into the technicality of developing an Uber-like app, we need to go through all the features in Uber. Uber brought in a service that exhibited the current user behavior when it comes to budget-friendly transportation. It comes as no surprise that Uber is supreme when it comes to taxi-hailing services in the world, even after facing tough competition from other brands offering similar services. 

Features of Uber

Since most of you are familiar with the working of Uber, let’s just have a quick glance at it: A rider uses his Uber app to book a trip; a driver closest to the rider accepts the trip request and reaches the rider's location, the trip starts. Both, the driver and rider, can check each other's real-time location through the app. The rider pays the trip cost. The driver makes money out of it.

To understand this further some crucial steps are mentioned below:

Step 1

The rider requests a trip by entering his present location as well as a destination. Riders are shown the approximate fare for the trip and are asked to choose between various car types.  

Step 2

Once the rider requests a trip, the app tracks the nearest driver and the request is sent to him. The driver can accept or reject the request, if rejected the trip request passes on to the next nearest driver.

Step 3

Riders can add any mode of payment: credit cards, debit cards, net banking, or supported UPI applications

Step 4

Uber app gives importance to the rating system. After every ride, the user is asked to rate the driver, so that the ratings can decide on the areas a driver should better.

Uber’s fare calculation is simple and effective. It considers both the time and distance for a particular trip.

Creating an effective E-hailing service requires an in-depth understanding of the whole system. You will need to create two separate apps, one for riders, while the other is essential for taxi drivers. You require an admin panel to connect these two individual apps and function as a whole.

The Importance of UI/UX

Invest time to deliver an attractive and user-friendly application. Concentrate on perfecting the UI/UX design for the project. Here are some suggestions to follow while designing the user interface for your application.

  • Create a user-friendly experience
  • Include beautiful eye-catching elements and graphics to attract users.
  • Time-saving apps are what people prefer, so try to make the app as simple as possible

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Rider-related Features

Your app must include the following features for rider convenience and application

  • Registration — The new users should be able to sign up through their email id or their Facebook accounts. Verifying the mobile number is also an important feature. 
  • Booking a Taxi — The app should include a complete system for taxi booking that allows you to enter the pick-up location as well as drop-off address and also select the preferred car type
  • Driver Tracking — A highlight to track the progress of the driver within an in-app map.
  • Fare calculator — This feature allows the rider to view the approximate fare of the trip before actually booking it. 
  • Payment — Provide various modes of payment methods, credit card, debit card, UPI apps, etc.
  • Push notifications — Notifications are important in every step throughout the booking process, be it rider notification or rider notifications.
  • Messaging — Easy contact with the driver through the application
  • Rating and reviewing the driver — Necessary for assessing the service of the driver and the overall ride.
  • Travel records or history — Order history and payment history is one extremely essential feature
  • Customer support — In case any issue pertains, customer care can be contacted easily

Driver Related Features

Your app needs to have these features for the driver’s ease:

  1. Profile — The driver has to complete his registration process with a detailed verification. The driver's profile lets him view his profile and also make necessary changes, also to see whether the driver is online or offline. 
  2. Trip Alert — Whenever the driver gets a trip request he gets an alert. The driver has the option to accept or reject the trip within the specified time. 
  3. Navigation — The driver app needs to have proper map functionality so that he can view and choose the fastest route to complete trips on time. 
  4. Driver Reports — Driver reports should include in-depth information regarding the number of trips a driver completes and monthly earning details as well.

How does Uber make money?

While looking at Uber's monetization method they are doing different ways like other taxi app businesses. But the operating and revenue model is different. Uber's revenue model is like commission-based fees. Uber provides the best rides to customers through drivers. Uber is providing different types of cabs from ordinary to premium cabs so all types of people can use it according to their convenience. The price will according to the cab you choose and the traveling distance. Uber also doing surge pricing so they can hire contractors working flexible hours. Like that there are many things they are practicing like motor-cycle pickup service, other delivery services in different parts of the world.

The Final Cost to Develop an App Like Uber

The cost of developing an application like Uber is decided by the duration of time it takes to develop a product. The total development of an application is measured by the effort and expenditures of developing just the MVP for an app like Uber. The total cost of your app is calculated by the quality and complexity of features you want to include.


Some final suggestions are given below:

  1. Decide which traits and features are essential in the application.
  2. Do proper research to determine the target audience for your business model
  3. Make sure your business satisfies the market demands
  4. User feedbacks are very important to ensure long-term success for the application.

Also, keep in mind that Uber was such a big success because at the time it was launched it had no major competitors. Today these services are more common, which makes it difficult for a new venture. Innovative ideas are the key, a unique feature will help your app stand out.

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