Grocery Delivery App Development - Cost & Key Features

Everything is getting at your fingertips in today's time. If you're booking a taxi, ordering food, or just shopping, just a few hits on your cell phone and you are sorted. Like shopping for other things, people now often want to buy online their daily grocery items also. You will probably be shocked to hear that a substantial percentage of shoppers buy their groceries online. Production is increasingly growing, contributing to greater growth on the market. This change in shopping habits has raised the demand for grocery businesses as well as grocery and food delivery mobile app development companies as it offers a tremendous platform for start-ups, traditional grocery stores, and IT firms to invest in their mobile app ventures.

Why develop a grocery delivery app?

The concept might sound a little cliché, but it is very popular when it comes to designing the food delivery app. The general simplicity it offers to consumers is what makes the concept famous. Furthermore, in contrast with other projects, the expense of creating a food app is not very high.

Some of the reasons why you need a grocery delivery app are:

  • Optimizes resources

Any grocery delivery software will make the management of your everyday work simpler with just a few clicks for your users. Instead of being in lengthy lines to charge for taking hefty food packs, consumers should spend their resources on positive and fascinating stuff.

  • Uplift your business

You can't opt to miss the trend if you own a grocery store. Recruit and extend the client base with a little investment in a grocery delivery app development company.

  • Economical approach

If you have a small budget and want to start a new company, there's no investment here. The cost of the online food app would depend on the functionality of the app. The mobile app development service for grocery delivery is now in full bloom. Thanks to the busy lives and the relentless quest for people.

Types of Grocery Delivery Mobile Apps

The demand for smartphone applications for online food supplies is highly competitive. Since many players in this market, the option of which form of mobile food delivery app can grow with its company is relevant from the very beginning. Along with your activities and finances, your entire resources would rely on the type of app you are creating. You will go through these options if you want to create a mobile food supply app for your food company. In a wide distribution apps are of 2 types:

Aggregator Apps

You must partner with nearby grocery stores if you intend to create a mobile food ordering app with the aggregator model. In general, this model is chosen for those who have their grocery shops, have their chains, or can conveniently connect to food stores. There will be a list of grocery stores for the user in this model and the user would opt to buy them from any of the stores mentioned.

The entire role, including distribution orders, is of the store's and you are only a mediator between the customer and the shop owner.

Dedicated Apps

The dedicated grocery apps provide all the functionality of the aggregator model, but the whole order needs to be managed in the dedicated model. In plain terms, various food stores will sign up and start selling the goods on this website. You have your own delivery managers' fleet. Your key job is to make order placing simpler and to supply the consumers with the products. According to this model, the online food platform requires a dedicated fleet of supply managers, and more accountability.

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Some Must-haves in a Grocery Delivery Mobile Application

Every app has a different set of features and functions for it to survive. In a grocery delivery mobile application, some features cannot be left out. The main users in a grocery app are: Customer, Vendor, and Admin. Some features to be included in each are:

Customer Application

  • Register / Login: The first client contact occurs on the registration page where the user establishes an app account. To incorporate a trouble-free customer delivery system, keeping user records is the key. An e-mail id and phone number can be used to register the app. Social network incorporation is currently often used to ensure a smooth operation. In order to ensure full secrecy, it should keep this database up to all safety requirements.
  • User Profile Management: After registering the account, the client wants to build his profile with information, age and so forth. The Software should be able to recognize, monitor and deliver tailored customer features for personal user needs.
  • Product Search Features: The mobile app interface can provide fast shopping and must be successfully configured. The app can make it easy for consumers to check for items in various categories like price, brand, and size and to compare different products with pre-determined filters.
  • Tracking and availability: Reporting helps the consumer to update its success in commodity supply, which is of benefit to consumers.
  • Mobile alerts: This feature provides you with push notifications to deliver updates on best sales, seasonal deals, coupons.
  • Added to cart: the Customer attaches a product to his cart by subscribing to the cart option, so it is easy to pay as soon as it is checked out.
  • Integration of payment gateways: Integration of payment gateways helps consumers to pay across the different options available.
  • E-Wallet integration: the programme can add an e-wallet, where the user can load money to ensure a smooth and rapid check-out operation.
  • Organizing the order for distribution and tracking: The convenient distribution plan, track the order status, and know when the delivery is to take place.
  • Discount vouchers & coupons: Consumers will access and submit their discount code when they pay in the application.
  • Order history: This option helps the consumer to place a repeat order or to choose a previous product that guarantees a smooth user experience.
  • Ratings & Reviews: Payments for a single shop or product on the application can be exchanged by customers.
  • Cancellation, exchange, and replacement ordering: Once the consumer gets a damaged object, a report, return or refund request from the app will be filed. Cancelation and replacement.
  • Pick-up and Delivery: the client can select the place for pickup and departure from the app, depending on the location or by entering an address manually.

Vendor Application

  • Product management: The owner of the shop can add/update its listing of products, prices, minimum order volume and quantity and make available the products.
  • Brand Management: If a vendor has several stores in the application, these stores should be managed seamlessly.
  • Order Management: Store owners are able to verify the status of their order (completed or under way) and the total amount collected for each order.
  • Coupon Code management / special offers: store owners can plan and add new dealings, discounts, coupons and offers to boost customer retention and sales.
  • Alerts for order: Store owners receive new orders in real time and can take further action.
  • Track Payments: Shop owners may add account info, view payment settlements effective and pending at one location.
  • Order reports: In order to behave properly, shop owners should collect updates on the market success in real time.
  • Customer Service: The Store Manager can easily resolve complaints relating to order or store using the customer support feature.
  • Add Items: This feature helps the sales managers to push new things into the shop and see in real time the changes in the app.
  • Receive orders: This feature lets the shop manager receive orders from multiple food products from the consumer.
  • Reject Order: The store manager can reject a product if its supply is not possible due to certain reasons.

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard: The dashboard is a streamlined structure where the Manager manages all back-end activities. The Admin panel will monitor orders obtained from consumers, handle product changes, and other business operations.
  • Manage Customers: The Grocery Delivery Admin can add or delete users or change their active status. This functionality helps the Admin to display full user-linked content, such as contact details, address.
  • Payment Management: This feature helps the Admin to monitor and track all transactions that have taken place in the app, including refunds. The Admin can also handle tax and commission related details in the supermarket app.
  • Product Management: This feature allows Admin to incorporate bulk goods from the back-end. The Admin can allow or disable products based on their availability, change their respective information and delete discontinued products.
  • Order Management: The option helps supervisors to send orders to a grocery store after they have received a request from the client. If the order has been confirmed, the warehouse manager may, at the desired time, delegate it to the delivery person to bring the grocery items at the specified location. The Admin can track the status of the order, the total amount received per order, and make related business decisions.
  • Stock Management: This feature allows Admin to track the supply of all commodity inventories in real time to handle orders. It would ensure that the Administrator has timely information on commodity supplies and assists company owners to make the correct business decisions.
  • Feedback Management: This feature allows Admin to view the ratings and recommendations of customers and to verify their feedback.
  • Manage Payments & Fee: Admin will track all approved online payments and set commission prices for each Shop Partner.
  • Push Notifications: Admin can receive email updates, orders delivered, drivers who approve the request.
  • Reporting and Analytics: By using real-time Analytics, the Administrator can gain actionable feedback to control the market efficiently. The data would help the Admin prepare strategies to improve revenue and customer experience. Admin will track which discounts are gaining momentum, which goods are moving fast, and refine their offerings accordingly.

Process to develop a Grocery Application

Developing an application can be quite a task. It’s a step-by-step process which takes a lot of time and effort. The steps included are:

Brainstorming - We recognize that you've wisely planned your app, that you're all set with functionality and designs, and that you want your creativity to transform to life as soon as possible. Although, the problem here is that we need to take care of the details that will characterize the working and navigation of your software, which is brainstorming your ideas and specifications.

Create Ideas - To minimize the expense of creating a retail app, it is important that the features and functionalities to be used in the app are predefined and worked on. The production time cost can be managed with a predefined list. So, we appreciate your needs and come up with an idea to make things work.

Research - At this point, your app concept is beginning to take shape and transform into a real project. Research and preparation continue with the specification of use cases and the capture of comprehensive functional specifications. Prepare a product roadmap after you have defined the specifications for your app. This involves prioritising the criteria for smartphone applications and bundling them into delivery milestones. If time, energy or costs are of concern, then identify your minimum viable product (MVP) and prioritise it for initial launch.

Quality Assurance - Carrying out rigorous quality assurance (QA) testing during the mobile app development process allows apps safe, functional and reliable. To ensure rigorous QA testing of your software, you first need to plan test cases that cover all facets of your app testing. Similar to how use cases guide the smartphone app creation process, test cases drive mobile app testing. Test cases are for conducting test measures, logging test results for programme quality appraisal, and monitoring for retesting. The best practise strategy includes your QA team in the research and design processes. Knowledge of the technical specifications and goals of the app will help to generate an effective test case.

Launch - Your grocery app is completed and we initialize your deployment. Choose a day and make a systematic start. The policies for releasing an application are different for different application stores. And bear in mind, this isn't the end of it. The production of the software doesn't stop at launch. When the application is in the hands of customers, feedback will come in and you will continue to integrate that input into future updates of the software. Updates and new functionality will be expected for each app. Usually, as soon as the first version of the software is released, the development cycle starts again. Make sure you have the tools you need to maintain the commodity. Beside the capital spent in the construction of a digital product, bear in mind that it is a long-term investment.

After launch support - When uploaded to the Apple App Store, iOS applications undergo a review period that can take a few days to several weeks based on the nature of the app and how well it meets Apple's iOS implementation guidelines. If your software allows users to log in, you may need to have a test user account for Apple as part of the release process. There's no approval process for Android applications, and they'll be released in the app store within a few hours of submission. Frequently search crash records or other documented problems for the customer. Encourage consumers to provide reviews and recommendations for your app to your business. 

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Prompt support for end-users and always patching the updated app would be key to keeping users active. Unlike web applications where patch launches can be made available immediately to smartphone owners, mobile app patches would have to go through the same submission and approval process as original submissions. Your app is able to be submitted. Choose a day and make a systematic start. The policies for releasing an application are different for different application stores. And bear in mind, this isn't the end of it. The production of the software doesn't stop at launch. When the application is in the hands of customers, feedback will come in and you will continue to integrate that input into future updates of the software. Updates and new functionality will be expected for each app.


The convergence of effective market tactics and up-to-date technology could help advance the growth of your grocery app. It empowers the establishment of a well-functional food distribution system that handles everything in one location. It's all about providing excellent customer experience for order placement, shipping, payments and grocery shopping in general. Businesses, in their turn, are supplied with specialized software to execute these functions and handle everyday workflows.

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