Lilac Infotech 4th Anniversary

Our Journey of the Mobile and Web App Development Services

We, Lilac Infotech could not have completed the successful four years of the hard road without the support and effort of every employee. We have arrived at this point thanks to the persistent contributions of our smart, clever, inventive, and skilled employees.

We wanted to recognize & appreciate each employee for our four years of accomplishment, so we planned to celebrate it on September 20th,2022 at Apollo Dimora in Calicut. Every colleague's enthusiasm level was at its pinnacle, and they were eager to feel the delight that the day would offer them.

Employees of the firm arrived on the office grounds at 9:00 a.m. sharp. We began by taking images within the workplace and then videotaping them. On this joyous occasion, the firm decided to spread the joy by providing sweets to other enterprises in the Cyberpark; the staff was then divided into teams to cover each level.

After distributing sweets, the team met at the office at 10:00 a.m, where we took some photographs before moving to the bottom floor of the Sahya Building, Govt Cyberpark, to take some more.

The entire team then commuted to the destination, and once we had all reached it, we all entered the hall in Apollo Dimora that had been set up for our program. The stage and hall were decorated with our corporate logo and colour scheme. And hence the program started:

Grand Team Entries

So, instead of a typical entrance, our HR (Ayana Reji) created a spectacular and personalized entrance for each team. Different teams were formed, such as the Marketing Team, the Operations Team, the Designing Team, the Developers Team, and the Core Team. Each squad was given a separate BGM to accompany their magnificent and fun entrance.

Enlightenment Words

Mr. Vivek Nair, General Manager of the Govt Cyberpark  and Mr. Gafoor K. V., CEO Director, Open Source Solutions & CAFIT President, along with our Founder Director Mr. Mithun K & Co-Founder & CEO Mr. Shafi Bin Meeran, and VP of Marketing Mrs. Umra Khanum graced our celebrations.

With his inspiring words, Mr. Gafoor greatly encouraged our organization. He praised the company's strong expansion and praised its rapid growth.  Mr. Vivek also offered some encouraging thoughts for the company and our CEO. He said he was thrilled with the company's progress and how glad he was to be attending the anniversary celebrations.

Mr. Mithun, our founder, shared the story of how they launched the firm four years ago and reminisced on those days.  Similarly, our co-founder and CEO recalled all the challenges he had when they first launched the company four years ago, and he expressed his pride in where the company has progressed since then. Mrs. Umra Khanum not only recounted all of her happy days at the firm, but she also expressed her ambition to take Lilac Infotech global by the next anniversary.

Cake Cutting

After the employees had entered and the official activity had concluded, everyone in the hall gathered near the stage for the HR-organized cake cutting. It was a magnificent chocolate cake, perfectly symbolizing the company's four-year journey. Following that, the function's MCs, our HR Ayana Reji and our DevOps Engineer Akshay Krison called up each employee one by one to celebrate their time with the company.

Yummilicious Team Lunch

When the introductions were through, everyone was starving, so we went to have the grand lunch hosted by the hotel. Everything was available to the staff, from appetizers and soup to main courses with some wonderful cuisines covered to desserts.

Fun & Games

When everyone's tummies were filled, HR called for some entertaining activities. The employees were divided into three teams, and a variety of interesting activities were performed to ensure that all participants were involved and had a good time.

Employee Appreciation

We planned tea and snacks for the staff following the fun session as they were all tired from the games. The CEO then asked for everyone's attention since he had organized a wonderful gratitude segment for the staff. He chose some special tags for the staff, which were: "High Five Award, Spotlight Award, Exiting in Excellence, Pinnacle Award, Calmer of Storms Award, Bright Beginning Award " coupled with a wonderful gift for all the employees.

Let's Rock and Roll !

After the certificate and gift distribution, we went on to the cultural programs, which included several dances and songs performed by employees. Following that, all the employees gathered on stage for a lively rock and roll session, with everyone donning their dance shoes. Following this, we had a Q&A session with our CEO, followed by our HR, where employees asked all of their questions, which both of them addressed really beautifully.

How we finished the day.

The clock struck 7:00 p.m., and it was time to call it a day. Employees were pleased with the event and spent the day enjoying the cake, activities and games, lunch, and high tea. We are all left with memories that will last a lifetime.

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