How to Develop a Car Rental Mobile App Like Turo - Cost and Features

The latest theme in the city is luxury life and people of all kinds love the little pleasure they have in providing usual services at reasonable prices. The service companies have moved drastically to the web to rent cars and have sold their product on the network for applications that are now easy to use. Although consumers can choose and drive a lot of cars for themselves, profitable deals can now be made possible by comparing costs and the availability of cars from different applications. It is also simple to use, as users do not need to search for web-browser applications and make needless calls.

You then have a strong idea to invest and grow your peer-to-peer app for hire cars such as Turo. What is next? What is next? Although you may have many questions regarding the development of the app, like how much does an app such as Turo have to cost and how will the development work etc.? In this article we will address all your questions and help you build a practical and scalable peer-to-peer car rental app such as Turo. Due to - demand, car rental apps have been more known, and the use of such smartphone applications is increasing. These applications help users put their reservation order on the application and get updates to remind them about the car specifics and time schedules.

Market Study of Car Rental Industry

Car rental applications are not only for large businesses, but are also apps for small to medium-sized businesses. Since such applications are in high demand, service providers are working to satisfy this demand by offering many applications. Let's take a peek at some of the global car rental industry statistical details.

If you want to fly to a different city or location for business meetings or holidays, you need to find decent transport services first. Public transport is still not considered easy, although everywhere public transport is available. And not to mention, it still takes more time than it would take if you were going in your car to meet your destination. The better option is to rent a car.

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How to Build Your Car rental app like Turo?

Car rental types:

  • Auto rentals self-driven

A consumer books and drives a vehicle for him in this category. The number of hours during which he is charged is based upon the chosen vehicle.

  • Rental to Corporate Cars

This program provides corporate customers with ease by selling their vehicles for business use.

  • Car Services outstation

This handles the travel reservations of visitors heading to other cities and states. It gives them a long time to book the car.

  • Rental of local cars

This provides the users with vehicles on an hourly, half or full-day basis. The airport pickups and drop-offs are also included.

How does the app work?

For the consumers and administrators, the car rental applications function differently. Let's see how the software works for the users:

Login - Like with other applications, the first and foremost move is to take the user to the landing page, where he/she must log in with his/her credentials and all their information. The easiest way for people to log in is to allow them to register for the credentials from some social media sites without wasteful time.

Multiple cars - A user may have varying criteria and intends to book a car to meet their requirements. Thus, the app gives you a wide variety of drivers. This not only provides them with choices but also encourages them to select based on budget and goals.

Choose a car - The customer will pick a car of his preference depending on the vehicle's color, height, number, and other criteria.

Schedule a booking - After the customer chooses a car and a model, they will choose the time at which they want to use the service. The app doesn't make a customer wait for the reservation, just as call-in systems, instead, book for them immediately.

Manage the bookings - Both car rental applications can handle the reservations by checking the day the car is going to be used. This helps to keep track of potential reservations and accountability.

Ticket estimation - A car rental app can calculate the price by means of the selected vehicle and the length of the time the customer requires. Users will measure the ticket for the kilometers for which the car is required.

Payment Modes - Mobile transfers have become very easy with the introduction of online wallets. You can avoid paying in cash or by paying your credit or debit cards or online wallets, instead. You can refrain from paying by cash. The automotive rental applications mostly support online payments and provide users with booking receipts.

Notifications - When a customer makes a booking, a message is verifying his reservation and the details of the car and the time it is booked for will be shown on his computer.

Tracking - These applications encourage users to share their car information conveniently with their friends and family who can track their living locations.

Cancellations & Refunds - This function enables the customer to cancel a reservation because of any urgent changes in the schedule. This is one of the most important instruments in a car rental app.

Features to be included in Admin Panel

  • Car Management - The administration under this function will control the whole car. It enables them to update their car information with the user information to which the cars were assigned.
  • Dashboard - This is the key function as the administrator can control all cars and trucks here. You will also refresh the dashboard with details about how many vehicles the users use.
  • User Management - This feature monitors registered users of the Car Rental App and saves them details including their names, reviews, and services.
  • Payment Management - This function helps the administration to monitor all payment gateways, payment information and payments for services in this category and ensure that transactions are open and available to all.
  • Analytics - All specifics of the cars with the new market trends as well as the cars that the users love most come into this range. It helps to simplify the times, picked cars and used services.
  • Category Management - The administrator also administers and updates bookings accordingly in different categories concerning vehicle availability.
  • Fare Management - The manager will also settle on the rental car service apps' fare arrangement. Depending on the location and sizes of the buses, the fare structure is calculated.

Some of the advanced features:

  • In-app camera - Allow the driver or customer directly with the application to upload a picture or receipt.
  • In-app chat - In case of an emergency or to request assistance to access the place of operation, the driver should be permitted to communicate with the customer. In the same vein, a customer should be able to communicate and direct the service with the assigned driver.
  • Real-time tracking - By incorporating GPS into the smartphone app, drivers and users can monitor the exact spot. The pinto exactly where the service is provided can be placed, while the drivers can follow the map and enter the destination.
  • Invite and earn - By submitting them to the contacts, users should be able to exchange the transfer code and use discounts.
  • CRM Integration - CRM enables you to deliver the consumers to e-mails, updates, discounts and more. You will create a durable friendship with them in this way.
  • Assign Drivers - This requires users to reserve the driver along with the vehicle from the program itself. After reading your feedback and evaluations on the app, you can choose an individual as your driver. This service is often used when a person wishes to book a long-term trip. The consumer can also ask for details such as sex, age, rating, and experience of the driver.
  • Interactive data -Car rental applications provide the right basic fare along with other details such as fixed packages, time rates, higher prices, and lengths. You can learn about the company's exact sales method.
  • Tracking the conduct - The application saves the formula for user-first bookings and provides leasing companies with access to the types of reservations made by customers. It assists each person in assigning cars and drivers based on their behavior and predilection.
  • Cost Calculator - The cost calculator allows users who want to borrow a car and drive it to the outside station for some time to get a gross sense of how much it will cost them for the time frame specified by them. This helps them to compare and book the most economical rates for services provided by various applications.
  • In-App calls & videos - Calls to drivers or service providers should be enabled by the users without having to be charged by the app. This encourages them to remain in the app and to turn to contacts and phone calls without navigation. Users can make video calls from the app itself with these features.
  • Real-time analytics & statistics - This allows the administrator to know the number of cars leased at one time, the specifics, and the locations of each car update.
  • SOS - It's always good to keep the driver's decorum. There should be a panic button in the app that will enable customers or travelers to lift a warning that makes them feel something wrong during the journey.
  • Floating window - This encourages consumers to reserve a car quickly. Their position is spared and the two points between which they travel regularly can be booked promptly.
  • Numerous bookings - With this option, users can make not one reservation, but as many reservations as they wish. The apps also allow him to make reservations for many places.
  • Reward Programs - Give your faithful customers something extra. Provide loyalty plans as rewards for discounted items for the points earned.

How much does it cost to develop a rental car?

We will suggest that if you were to ask us what is the net cost of building an on-demand rental car app? The cost of construction varies depending on the variety of functionality and functionalities that you want to add. The platform you chose and the country you choose to create impact the costs of the application growth.

We assume that the details for building with an on-demand rental application have been well served to you. We have an experienced team of developers and designers who lead you through selected platforms and provide you with plenty of choices. Some key development costs affect management costs, implementation costs, test costs, platform costs, and integration costs. Some of these aspects are important.

Discuss About Your Idea?

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Smartphones made it simple and contemporary. The large players in the industry that began with ads and banners with their telephone numbers have made a huge difference to the apps. The start-ups should also consider having their software from the outset. It also encourages them to get in touch and get in touch with their clients. To maximize the use of apps and resources available throughout the platform, you can offer sales and post promotions in your app. An organization must ensure that they employ an App Development company and they require previous business expertise to create an application that best suits the needs of users.

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